Payday Loan to Loan Sharks?


With Payday loan firms coming into the regulator’s sight, more and more people are being forced into other forms of borrowing. The Financial Conduct Authority has taken accountability for the oversight of the Payday loan firms. They have already required better inquiry of applications and soon they suggest having a cap on the amount that moneylenders can charge. The alteration to the way moneylenders can charge consumers will have a dramatic result on the business model of these firms. They will have to change how they scrutinize potential customers more than ever before. They require being more certain that the person they are loaning to have a reasonable chance of reimbursing the money. Fresh Quick Loans are solving your credit problems efficiently by connecting debtors to moneylenders to get quicken loans.

So what happens if you can’t acquire a payday loan?

The fact that someone has turned to this form of borrowing, would be a good sign that they are unable to source credit from elsewhere. Feasibly the credit cards have been maxed out, or the overdraft limit achieved, for payday loan consumers this really must be the last stop for them.

History lesson

What we have learned from history, is often when someone is squeezed out of a market, then it is substituted with something equally as bad or more so. With the thirst for consumerism as widespread as ever, there will always be a requirement for adverse borrowing. So if you can’t acquire a payday loan, where do you turn to? There will be present ‘companies’ in this sector as well as new entrants. The existing ‘companies’ will mainly be doorstep moneylenders, loan sharks, many of whom are entirely unregulated.

Doorstep moneylenders

As the label proposes they deliver money to you at your door. There are already a wide number of firms that provide such a service. These are the lawful routes. There will also be ‘off-grid’ moneylenders, who are not controlled by anyone. Again the value of loaning will start low but eventually rise. They come with a fearsome standing. Earlier in 2014, it was stated that sixty victims of loan sharks had to be put in a witness defense scheme.

Why would people turn to loan sharks?

They have a standing; people distinguish that they charge high-interest rates so why would people go to maintain their credit care? For the same reason, they go to payday loan firms. These companies don’t enjoy the calmest time in the press and their interest rates are available on their websites. But record numbers are still fascinated by them. How different will it be with the recurrence of the loan shark? The current market for this sort of loaning is currently millions per year. This will confidently rise over the next few years.


Whether if you have taken out quicken loans or are thinking about it, you are likely to require quality debt advice. Fresh Quick Loans provide excellent services about loans by connecting debtors to moneylenders and we can see how you can be aided.


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